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who are we ?

Le College des Economists de la Sante (CES, The College of Health Economists) is a nonprofit organization based in Paris which acts as intermediary between economists, researchers and scholars, public and private decision-makers, health-care professionals and politicians. It includes more than 300 members, representing the main research centers, pharmaceutical laboratories and industries, social and health administrations, doctors and pharmacists,…

Its objectives are :

- to promote research and training in health economics,

- to improve and optimize information sharing between members, including issues and research results

- to foster the integration of health economics in public and corporate decision-making,

- to spread health economics knowledge in the society.


To reach these goals, the CES

- organizes public and professional conferences and symposiums, like – among other things –  les Journées des Economistes de la Santé Français (the Days of the French Health Economists) with more than thirty articles edited each year,

- co-publishes scientific reviews,

- publishes a letter (La lettre du CES, three issues per year) and a monthly Internet newsletter,

- sets up training courses.